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Greetings !

A Web Developer with a curiosity for Design tools.
This is the place where I add my experiments

I, who am?

A slightly workaholic consultant who wanted to work a little bit more on her free time.

Why not?!

I do Java maintenance during the day and needed a creative outer during the night.

So I decided to learn more about Illustrator. It has been quite an adventure, these experiments, how I call them, are simple but some friends have decided to use them for their own projects, so that is what I do now.

For developer friends I play with Illustrator and create pretty things.

Have something to say? Tell me in the next section.

Maybe I should add a comment section, let me just add that to my do to list

  • Portfolio static page - currently going on
  • Online repository
  • Maven Project
  • Web app project - currently going on
  • Other Illustrator Works
  • Upload video in static page
  • Comment section.